About us

About us
Welcome to Ventilator, a modern business with three independent technology units! Ventilator today consists of three units: Air Treatment Systems, Cleanroom Systems, Laboratory and furniture and Clean air solutions. Collectively and individually, our units take complete functional and overall responsibility for everything from design and installation to products, additional equipment, servicing and maintenance. Safety, quality and environmental thinking are features of every aspect of what we do.

Ventilator Air Treatment

We are a service business that combines creative solutions with business integrity and solid workmanship. Good organisation and the right skills, combined with a large helping of expertise, are what your project needs in order to succeed. We have the skills and resources for all types of contract.

Ventilator Cleanroom

Ventilator Cleanroom offers comprehensive solutions for cleanrooms and controlled environments. We design, build and perform certification testing of your new cleanroom. We have many years of experience of cleanliness techniques and the construction of cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical and electronics industries, among others. Thanks to our wide-ranging technical skills and long experience, we can support our clients from concept to a completed cleanroom. Ventilator’s in-house cleanroom systems can be used to advantage. We also offer validation, training and examinations in the fields of cleanrooms and controlled environments.

Ventilator Laboratory Furnishing

Ventilator Laboratory Furnishing and Clean air solutions offer specialised expertise and quality. We produce furnishings for hospitals, laboratories, etc., in the public sector and industry. We have many years of experience of the installation of cleanrooms and sale of furnishing contracts. Our Clean air solutions products and laboratory devices (Climate Chambers, Anaerobic Boxes, Laboratory fridges / freezers etc) are produced in accordance with the Swedish standard, and we place high demands on the design and quality of our products.

By constantly striving for long-term relationships with clients, we at Ventilator have the overall perspective on the project that enables us to offer our clients the optimal solution and highest quality, combined with effective cost awareness.