Walls of aluminium profiles and Alcubond or compact laminate panels. Firewall are made with sandwich elements. Windows and doors are made to the highest quality or, if the customer so desires, of simplier design. We adapt our selves to the customers desire and here to the requirment and classes that must be satisfied.

Raised floors

Ventilator Renrum installs raised installation floors made of aluminium plates covered with ESD-approved mats. The floors may vary in height. The plates are made with suitable aperture sizes for balanced ventilation


Ventilator Renrum lays its floor using ESD-approved epoxy coating or ESD-approved mats, for example. The walls are fixed to the floor to make them easy to move and change them leaving the fewest possible marks. The walls are made flexible with module systems.


Ventilator Renrum install roof systems made of aluminium profiles thar are anodised or painted. We install adapted light and HEPA or ULPA filters according to the customer´s wishes. Blank plates are fitted in sektions that do not have filters installed.

Complete ventilation installations using different filter solutions, Hepa, Ulpa, etc. We design the clean rooms for fan solutions using Filter Fans Units, central fans system, cirkulation fans, LAF zones and that have combined clean room classifications. All of our installations are carried out using washed and covered channels. Our sound knowledge within general ventilation also ensures the best possible interior invironment.

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